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if only...

She's honestly not worth wiping shit on.

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Hey, here's a slightly crappy interview with Matt Greoning. It includes some nice tidbits, but nothing insane. still, it's a long way until that DVD boxset comes out this December.

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Because, seriously? It seems like all I ever post about is food, between bread, diners, and assorted weird things. Oh, also movies. And cats.

This post is really for Rob, who has been following this saga.

So, I may have mentioned somewhere before on this site that I have some kind of inherited kitchen skills memory from my mother, even though I really didn't cook much as a kid. Well, the opposite of that holds true as well; if my mother never made it, then I have no idea what to do with it. And one thing my mother never used was avocados.


Avocados were not especially popular in upstate New York when I was growing up - I don't know if my mom didn't like them or didn't know what to do with them. I was not really anxious to try avocados myself, until I learned that I like guacamole. I wasn't sure because the first guacamole I had was full of cilantro, which I don't really like. But a nice, basic guacamole - some garlic, onions, tomatoes, and the all-important avocado - every now and then I get a craving for that.

But some of you may not know that the avocado is a finicky ingredient, and guacamole is a finicky dish. Avocados need to be bought unripe, and ripened at home in order to guarantee good flavor, and it is hard to tell when they are ripe, if you are completely inexperienced, such as myself. And guacamole doesn't keep - you have to make it right before you eat it, and I am pretty sure it will not be good the next day. Well, it is supposed to turn brown, but still not kill you, but I'm not sure how appetizing brown guacamole would be.

So a week or two ago, I bought myself a small avocado to test on. I think I bought it too ripe, since it was soft at the store. Then when I ripened it according to Rob's instructions, and waited too long to use it, by the time I opened it up, it was brown and nasty inside. Attempt Number One: Not a success.

So this weekend, I tried for Number Two. I got an avocado that was still pretty firm. I put it in a paper bag. And tonight, even though I was not in the mood to eat much at all since I had a big lunch, I took it out and cut it open. There were no brown spots - so far, so good. There was a little more green around the skin than in the photo above, and I thought that was the unripe part, but the yellowish part near the pit was actually harder to mash. But I think the ripening this week was a success.

So I mashed it up, and only added three things for this first experiment: lime juice (which Rob says will keep it fresh longer), some roasted garlic cloves (that was last week's experiment, and my new favorite thing in the world), and a little tomato. And it looked like this:


and it tasted pretty good, too, so I think this version can be called a success. Mike didn't have any, because he claims he doesn't like it, but he did helpfully say, "Try the guacamole" in Zapf Brannigan's voice several times.

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Be honest — did any of you think that? Well, it’s apparently how Sable has gotten her first (and hopefully/possibly last) dose of the big C (as opposed to the little, harmless c she had last time) — from a dog bite. I now hate the people across the street even more. Sable was diagnosed with a mid-grade malignant cancer that may not have metastasized yet, but we have to get regular checkups to be sure. The doctor told me that the particular type of cancer likes to go for the lungs via the bloodstream. Which is funny because Sable likes to go for donuts via your hand.

The biggest funfact is that this cancer often shows up in areas of prior trauma. Of course, the growth had been in the area where Sable was bit during the infamous Battle of Woodlawn Ave, where she and Laura were sneak-attacked by the sinister Cupcake and her desire for street-domination. The reason Laura and I didn’t expect it to be cancer is because a sutcher had been pushing through the skin, so we thought it was just a sutcher that didn’t dissolve or get removed.

I guess it’s only fair that Sable got cancer since Cupcake had to have a skin graft and muscle tissue work done. And the florist boyfriend who has no control over the children or mother lost his leg to diabetes. So, the universe is really balancing out here. Of course, what would really be fair is if those people across the street were deported back to White Trashlandia and Cupcake were put in the care of someone with a fence and a leash.

The good news is that there’s no sign that the cancer has moved to her lungs or lymphnodes. But damn if Sable isn’t tired of wearing my old t-shirts to cover up her wounds! At least she’ll have a cool pirate scar.

My only warning is that you should expect Laura and I to talk about Sable even more now then ever before. So brace yourselves.

Now that I think about this more, though, I realize that Buddy got a cat and then Sable got cancer. Therefore, Buddy is a witch. And his cat is evil.

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I've seen a few videos of this technology over the past couple of months. It looks quite interesting, though it would require a complete redesign of desks, since no one would actually want to reach up to a perpendicular monitor all the time.

Word is that Mac's OS 10.5 (Leopard) will have basic touchscreen components for technology that is in the pipeline for end of this year. So, we could actually see this stuff alot sooner than you might think.

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I have been lamenting the fact that music today has gotten rather tired and predictable. Yes, hip-hop is dead (well, almost) and that thing called 'rock music' is bloated and unrecognizable. So it has come to my surprise that I stumbled upon the latest CD by Amy Winehouse. I must admit, I was a little skeptical of the hype surrounding her. However, this CD delivers the goods.

Forget that Christina Agulera crap where she thinks she's bringing back soul music (Hey, blondie, you should check out Jill Scott's first CD or for that matter listen to Eryka Badu's Baduizm, and you'll see that it never really left.) Back to Amy's CD; think Ronnie Spector meets Nina Simone and you'll get the picture. It's got a blues-60s R&B feel with a little bit of ska thrown in for good measure. For those of you who are in the same camp that I'm in and think that there isn't anything worth listening to--GO BUY THIS CD!!!! You will not regret it! It gives me hope that someone out in the music industry believes that music is art--not pop trash.

As for hip-hop, I just want to say that Nas' 'Can't Forget About You' gives me hope that hip-hop may restore itself to the artform that it was. I can only hope, though.

Hopefully, Massive Attack, Tracey Thorne, doves, and the Roots will make 2007 a better year.

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So, the wife and I went out with our friend Daitza to see Zodiac last night and the reviews were mixed. I enjoyed the film but felt it lost style as it moved into the second half. Laura felt that the film was at least 15 minutes too long. Daitza felt the same and was freaked out by one of the early scenes where the zodiac kills someone. That scene was actually the best in the movie -- broad daylight and great imagery. nice stuff.

the acting was strong -- robert downey jr is always fun as cocky, deteriorating assholes. Jake Gyllenhall is his usually drowsy self (but I always enjoy it). Chloe what's-her' name is essentially pointless and you can just tell she's trying too hard. There were a bunch of other people -- including the guy who plays one of the suspects -- that were fantastic. one of the other strong scenes was where the cops interview said suspect. great tension, great acting.

There's also bits of really odd-funny moments. Stuff that's typical of Fincher -- weird things you aren't supposed to laugh at.

So, it's not the flashy Fincher we know and love, but it's still interesting. But covering almost 20 years in 2 hours and 40 minutes feels long. (In fact, the Ritz had moved their big clock ahead by the time we got out so at first we thought the movie was 3 hours 40 minutes and, while we were surprised, we had no trouble believing it.)

So, worth seeing, but not exactly what you might expect from the guy who did Panic Room, Fight Club, and Seven.

[edited to include important "not" in last line.]

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Her name is Fii, or maybe Moxie. He just got her yesterday, and although she hid for most of the day, when we came back after seeing "300" (about which the Pop5 crew was divided in its opinion), she came out for a little while to be petted and play with her mouse-on-a-fishing-rod toy.

Just please don't make the "Now Buddy's got himself some pussy" joke, because that's already been done to death.

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Some people probably think a Wii is for playing video games. They are wrong. What a Wii is really for is to create Miis resembling characters from books, tv, or movies, or real-life celebrities. I think Mike has spent more time creating new Miis than playing actual games. Did you know there is a limit of 100 Miis you can create? Mike knows this, because he has reached it.

Some of the first to go up are from the Big Lebowski, Mike's all-time favoritist movie ever.

The Dude
The Dude...or His Dudeness, El Duderino....

Walter, screaming, "Shut up, Donnie!"

Then we moved on to doing sets, like these ones from the X-Files:


A glam, later-years Scully, as opposed to early, dowdy Scully

The Cigarette Smoking Man
The Cigarette Smoking Man

Lone Gunmen
The Lone Gunmen

And what would the X-Files be without an alien?

I've posted some more below for guessing - highlight the text underneath to reveal who they are:

Whoopi Goldberg

Ms. Garrison, from South Park

Bob Ross

Michael Jackson

P.S.: I think I accidentally deleted a legitimate comment today, thinking it was spam. Sorry, unknown person! If you ever find your way back to this site, please leave it again. We get lots of spam here at Pop5 and few actual comments.

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outrage... fatigue... can't... think.....

seriously. Newt Gingrich admits to having an affair while condemning the president for the exact same shit. except -- and I know it's key -- that Clinton lied about it. Not that Gingrich would have told the truth about it. Isn't the rule of morality more important than the rule of law? How can the family values fuckers even look Gingrich in the face? he's a cheat and an adulterer. but somehow he's still better than the godless liberals and homosexuals and drunk teenagers???????

Is the world just this FUCKING predictable now?

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And yes, Mike, I'm listening and singing along to Radiohead. Why do you think my face is like that?

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So, I don't know if you guys know about this book -- there's a bunch of them, actually. It's really good. it's about a boy wizard who was abused as a child by his parents and his repressed memories come back and he thinks that some guy named Voldemort actually gave him this cool tattoo-like lightning bolt scar on his head, but really his mom and dad constantly swung him around by his baby ankles and let him fly into concrete walls. Joke was on them, though, because he was magically protected and thus couldn't be killed! stupid parents.

So, each book goes through his school years where he is supposed to learn about wizarding and shit, but instead he just constantly gets some nerdy girl to do his homework (or correct it when he's done a half-assed job) and yet, somehow, when the big exams come up in year 5, he manages to get decent grades and he's on the fast track to becoming an aerola or something. Basically, it's like a wizard state trooper. good benefits, nice pension, but high chance of alcoholism, divorce, and an early grave.

And in each book, besides going through a full year (and seriously, it gets really tedious hearing about magic christmas and halloween trips every book), has a mystery that Harry manges to solve through pluck and luck and a little bit of courage and lots of plot manipulation and coincidence. Villain puts a wand in the hero's hand to have a 'proper' duel? That would be book 4. Of course, this is only after explaining his rise to power. Oh, and what about really scary henchmen who are supposed to be bad ass but when they have to fight a handful of 15 year olds in a relatively enclosed space they suddenly only know really tame spells like "knock the wand out of your hand" or "bright light"? That'd be the mammoth book 5. Book 2 features a man named Tom Riddle who, with the handy middle name of Molarvo is easily named Voldemort. And, unfortunately, Rowling has to use Tom Riddle for the rest of the series because of this 'cunning' plot device from book 2. Oh -- and what about how Harry doesn't get a good enough grade on his exam to get into the AP credit Potions course -- thus preventing him from becoming said state trooper? No matter -- the standards changed because the potions teacher is now the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! The irony is that that sinister, snakelike, greasy-haired devil Snape would find the fact that Harry can take advanced potions just another example of how things fall harry's way without a stitch of hard work.

But lets not forget the convoluted emotions of growing up. Because this is, of course, a bildungsroman -- that classic coming of age tale where Harry gets taller, defeats obstacles and kisses girls that he doesn't really seem to like. Ginny? GINNY? isn't it painfully clear that he only likes her because she likes him and the other girl was a mental case? I mean, the first rule of dating is "don't date a girl if you were present for her previous boyfriend's death. Especially if you could have been her boyfriend first had you only grown a pair and asked her to some stupid dance." Cho has reason to be insane -- it's Harry's fault that she even knew who what's-his-name was and cared that he died.

And finally -- I am the only one who thinks it's weird that people die around Harry alot? I'm not? Oh -- that's good.

Anyway, despite how poorly put together these books are, I suspect they will actually sell quite well. So keep an eye out at your local bookatorium for Harry Potter books. They're magitastic!

p.s. I actually really liked the books, but it's fun to mock things. Isn't it?

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