Amy Winehouse

I have been lamenting the fact that music today has gotten rather tired and predictable. Yes, hip-hop is dead (well, almost) and that thing called 'rock music' is bloated and unrecognizable. So it has come to my surprise that I stumbled upon the latest CD by Amy Winehouse. I must admit, I was a little skeptical of the hype surrounding her. However, this CD delivers the goods.

Forget that Christina Agulera crap where she thinks she's bringing back soul music (Hey, blondie, you should check out Jill Scott's first CD or for that matter listen to Eryka Badu's Baduizm, and you'll see that it never really left.) Back to Amy's CD; think Ronnie Spector meets Nina Simone and you'll get the picture. It's got a blues-60s R&B feel with a little bit of ska thrown in for good measure. For those of you who are in the same camp that I'm in and think that there isn't anything worth listening to--GO BUY THIS CD!!!! You will not regret it! It gives me hope that someone out in the music industry believes that music is art--not pop trash.

As for hip-hop, I just want to say that Nas' 'Can't Forget About You' gives me hope that hip-hop may restore itself to the artform that it was. I can only hope, though.

Hopefully, Massive Attack, Tracey Thorne, doves, and the Roots will make 2007 a better year.

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hey, i listened to her on itunes and she has a great voice. much more soulful than all the other pop crap that is out there.

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