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Here's another gem from You Tube. There are ten episodes total, but be warned: after watching this first one, Buddy, Mike, and I went around for the next four or five hours screeching "Wise man has the power" in falsetto. Then Buddy had to download the song. So don't say I didn't warn you.

In less smooth news, I am totally a Guitar Hero. On the Playstation Two. And only in Easy or Medium modes.

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As April 15 approaches, I thought everyone might enjoy this graphic emailed to me by the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Listen to the Quakers, my friends: War is not the answer.

Tax Day

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I like teaching college students. They are usually interested in strange topics, they are sometimes interested in learning how to write, and they consistently amuse or annoy me. But either way, things are interesting. Each semester, I try to be different. And sometimes that is a bad idea.

Today, for instance, I showed some cartoons about immigration. The Simpsons has a classic episode -- "Much Apu About Nothing" -- that is zanier than I ever remembered and made the students laugh and think. South Park also has an episode on immigration. It's called "The Goo Backs." In the episode, people from the future come back in time to get jobs. The refrain "They took our jobs!" is repeated by rednecks throughout the episode. Even Stan and his dad get caught up in it. All is well. The students are laughing. And learning.

And then I remember how the episode ends. With a big pile of men having sex with one another. Oh. Dear. (To be fair, if the episode ended with a big pile of men and women having sex with one another, i'd have been just as concerned for my job.)

So, I did the only thing I could: I said "I just realized where this episode ends up." One of my students says "You forgot about that part, eh?" "Yes. Yes I did. We may not be able to finish watching this." "Ah, we're all adults."

The funny thing is, before I started the episode I said something like this: "Whenever I mention South Park I always have to be careful because, unlike The Simpsons, the show tends to be a bit.... bad. Not in terms of quality. But in terms of content. It's just wrong sometimes. I'm pretty sure there's nothing overly offensive in this episode. But we're all over 18, right? And the episode is MA-17, so we're okay. But if you are offended, I apologize in advance."

Well, most of the students were fine, though a couple voiced their disgust in a seemingly casual way (they didn't storm out, they said "Ew." The sight of pale, overweight South Park rednecks doing each other in the butt is really not at all appetizing. However, I would like to point out that it was less horrific than Mr. Mackey having heterosexual intercourse with Miss Chokesondick a few seasons prior to this one.)

Anyway. I skipped over a crucial part where two men initiate the sex with intense kissing and groping. But ultimately we finished the episode. If i get fired for offending sensibilities, though, I'll let you all know.

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