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rama goes flower power.


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So, as one of you may remember, 4 months ago I retracted my initial review of Beck's album The Information. And in said retraction I said the following:

I bought the new Menomena album and i hate it. Tune in 4 months from now when I pronounce it brilliant!!

As it is just about 4 months, I should say that I, in fact, love the new Menomena album. It didn't take 4 months, but I was getting a bunch of 'trackback' spam about this Beck post and re-read it to see if there was something in the post causing this one to get so much attention. (i'm not sure how the trackbacks really work.)

Anyway. once again: i'm a bad reviewer. Menomena's new album is kickass.

I just bought Bjork's new album and -- ah, forget it.

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Hey, I know that most of us (I'm looking at you Phaedra & Rob & Mike & Vicki & Rama) have spent many many hours talking about the wackiness that happened at Borders so I don't really need to go over this topic again. But, as I was looking through some of my writing tonight I found a file with real conversations that occurred between me and customers. I'm going to turn this into an essay of some kind, but here's the raw stuff for our enjoyment....

I need to really stress that these are EXACTLY as I remember them happening. My favorite is the lady looking for the animal shelter.

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Today baseball taught me:
“Under Florida law, adults up to the age of 23 are allowed to have consensual sex with 16- and 17-year-olds.”


And check out that fantastic photo!

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Laura came home from breakfast with her brothers and said they were discussing 2 TV pilots that were not picked up but have been floating around on YouTube. One is called Nobody's Watching and is aptly named. Not even worth discussing.

But the other one is called GAY ROBOT. I laughed once -- when they describe how the robot became gay (see the clip below). But other than that I'm at a loss for what to say. It should come as no surprise that one of the producers is Adam Sandler.

Also, check out the enthusiastic responses on youtube.

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Yesterday we went to Baltimore. Today, Mike gave me another lesson in driving a standard transmission car, in what is popularly known as the Gumpmobile. I am doing exceptionally well, except for the part where I never actually drove on a road yet. But I am doing excellently in a parking lot. There were a few times when I (a) popped the clutch, or (b) rode the clutch, but I never (c) stalled, or (d) hit anything. And by the end, my shifting was much improved, so I call it a success.

In between those two things, we saw Moxie again. She has gotten a little bigger, but is still pretty petite. She also ignores me consistently in favor of her favorite non-Buddy person in the world - Rob. Rob says, "It's a black thing."

Why are you pointing that light at me, silly human?

Do you ever plan to pet me?

Let me investigate your bag full of delicate photographic equipment.

If you must continue, at least let me pose properly.

I am Queen Moxie. Worship me, puny humans.

Insolent girl! You dare to interfere with my Rob time!

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The original members of Pop5 (including LA Rama, who took time out from his busy schedule of stalking celebrities) went to the Outer Banks for a week in the middle of May.

Looking for a place to eat on the drive down. Driving in a car with a hungry Rob and Rama kind of made me feel like I was in one of those Bugs Bunny cartoons, where one of the characters is completely unaware that he appears to the other one as a delicious, steaming roasted turkey.
Rama: There's a fried chicken place! Stop there!
Rob: No way. Uh-uh.
Rama: What's wrong with that place?
Rob: It's a shack!
Rama: So? What's wrong with a shack? Some of the best food is found in shacks! Are you saying you're too good to eat in a shack?
Rob: No, but I have a bad feeling about that place.
Rama: I didn't know I was riding with Paris fucking Hilton.
Vicki: I'll just say this right now. I am too good to eat in a shack.


Rob: I don't want to hear any gay jokes this weekend. I know where you (points to Mike) and you (points to Buddy) and you (points to Rama) all are sleeping.
Buddy: What, are you going to sneak in and redecorate?


Rob: We have to find someplace to eat that can accommodate the vegetarian.
Rama: Come on, Vicki, haven't you gotten over that fad yet?
Vicki: Rama, I've been a vegetarian since before your girlfriend was born.


Vicki (walking in on a conversation): Were you guys talking about sex?
Rob: It's me, Rama, and Buddy. We're either talking about food, sex, or how horrible my taste in music is.

Rob, Rama, and Mike went in the ocean twice. The water was 50 degrees. Buddy tried to follow, and then "screamed like a little girl" (to use Rama's phrase).

Rob: I need some barbeque to wash down that barbeque.


Rama: Nancy Pelosi.... You know, I would.

The excellent frittata Rob made us for breakfast.

At the karaoke bar
Vicki: Those people are doing the robot.
Mike: I used to do the robot in the '80s, only I was sober.


Rob and Mike had the beach umbrella, and they were fifteen minutes behind the rest of us
Rob: I expected to walk out on the beach and find Vicki had spontaneously combusted.

Our beach set-up. Note the totally necessary beach umbrella, and Mike headed for the freezing-cold ocean like a crazy person.

Rama: That bed was killing my back, so I moved to the couch.
Buddy: It reminds him of home.


One of the reasons we go to North Carolina, besides the ocean and the barbeque: hush puppies.

Rama: I've come up with the solution for all of LA's traffic problems: jughandles.

Sunrise from our bathroom window.

The next time you see Rama, ask him about the night he converted the Sunset Bar and Grill to the Religion of New Jersey* with his rendition of "Thunder Road."

*The Cult of Bruce Springsteen, of course.

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