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Wanted: Gay males between the ages of 30-45 to hang out with in south Jersey for some serious male bonding. Must like to read comics, have good taste in music (80s, deep house, hip-hop, electronica, classic country music, new-wave, R&B, some rock, etc. ), a good sense of humor, the Food Network (and dislike Bobby Flay), worship at the altar of Kevin Smith, lift weights, dig Neil Gaiman, eating good food (no vegans, please) and going to see good movies. (Yes, I realize the last one is subjective.) More importantly, you must reject the heterosexual lifestyle and all those who inhabit it; they are a lost cause.

Only serious replies will be considered. If you are below a Kinsey 6, please don't bother. Contact Rob.

That's all.

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I don't have any special feeling for The Beatles. I don't hate them. But I never went through a phase where they were all I listened to. Not a big deal. So, a movie called Across the Universe doesn't mean as much to me as one called Paranoid Android might.*

But Julie Taymor, the director of this potential disaster/masterpiece, directed Titus a few years back and it is bizarre and enjoyable to the point that I would pay to sit through a 2 and a half hour movie that features Beatles COVERS and not the real thing. It even has Bono. and I would still sit through it because i love Titus so much. AND, I would love to see her NC-17 cut of that film, but, alas, I think I am alone. (AND YET, i probably wouldn't pay to see her stage version of the Lion King. because I hate the fucking Lion King.)

And now here's an article that argues this may be Taymor's last film since she's apparently a loony toon. sigh. are there any female directors out there that aren't quickly destroyed? (and Penny Marshall doesn't count b/c she's a man.)

*and, strangely, there was a play using just Radiohead lyrics back pre-Kid A that got shut down b/c of complaints by the record label. perhaps the complaints were that the play was dumb. But if they can take a bunch of beatles songs and make a trippy movie about the 60s & 70s, then they can take a bunch of Radiohead songs and make a trippy movie about the 90s and 00s. and i would be more than happy to write that ludicrous screenplay.

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EDIT 8/18/2007: It was revealed this week that Radiohead don't expect to release their new album until 2008 because they want to sign to a label and give the label time to market the album. On the one hand, this makes sense. on the other hand, Yorke is a rabid anti-capitalist and the band has plenty of money (reportedly). so, why not just distribute it themselves? do they really need marketing? On the other hand, I'd probably feel better that a label was handling the business end of things. I can't imagine any of them are good at accounting.


I don't get excited about releases much anymore, particularly about music. There are still some movies that I hear about and can't wait to see (Superbad, Sunshine, a few others that I can't remember right now). But with music I've gotten burned so many times in the past few years that, even when I end up liking the albums after initial disappointment, said initial disappointment has left me uninterested in new music from bands I've already heard of.

And now I'm officially tired of waiting for the new Radiohead album.

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So the new design is not only expressing our collective impatience for Season Three, it is also advertising for Mike's latest t-shirt and sticker design.


I now have one 21 and one 24 sticker on either side of my car's rear windows. I couldn't decide which one I like best.

If you are interested and have not already pre-ordered, drop us an email.

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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!