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Hey! I posted the 400th entry!


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Just a quick note to let you all know that I have updated the sidebar, adding some new things and rearranging the order. I wanted to point out that I have put in a feed from my del.icio.us page, which will update automatically. If you don't know about del.icio.us, it's a site that allows you to bookmark pages and articles that you find interesting.

If anyone else is interested in using del.icio.us and posting their feed to Pop5, sign up for an account here, and let me know.

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This might only interest history geeks such as myself, but HBO will be airing (March 16 - April 27) a seven-part miniseries on John Adams, based on the David McCullough biography. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney will star as John and Abigail Adams, and I am pretty sure that casting decision could not be topped.


Clearly someone needs to Tivo this for me. Don't make me wait for the DVDs, people.

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[Since I have not yet restored Buddy's login, I will take the opportunity to steal some news he sent us and post it as if it were my own.]

So apparently Bobby Flay, best known as Rob's arch-nemesis, was in Collingswood on Monday night to "throwdown" with the Pop Shop on an issue near and dear to my own heart: grilled cheese.

The Pop Shop offered up the Calvert: "a grilled cheese special featuring Monterey jack cheese, roasted turkey, apple-wood smoked bacon, avocado and balsamic mayonnaise on rosemary focaccia bread." I don't know if anyone from Pop5 has tried this one, since our ranks of meat-eaters have been depleting rapidly.

Bobby Flay's "featured goat cheese, brie, bacon, watercress and green tomatoes piled onto a Pullman loaf." No word on whether he served it with a side of blue corn chips, and covered it with cilantro.

The article doesn't reveal the winner, but all of the quotes favor the Pop Shop. On a personal note, GRILLED CHEESE SHOULD NEVER BE MADE WITH GOAT CHEESE. It had to be said. I love almost all types of cheese. Almost.

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Even though I have little street-cred when it comes to music (yes, I own 2 Third Eye Blind albums and I just posted about Guns N. Roses. Kiss my ass.), here is a list of music.

my 7 favorite albums from the year (I bought less than 15 albums this year and I still have about 8 albums from 2006 in my iTunes wishlist --- so no "top 10" for me).

here's some fun pre-lists to whet your appetite:

Albums I'll never buy, even if someone threatens my testicles:
Wilco - Never got the hype. I like Summerteeth, but otherwise....booooooooring. They're the kind of band middle-aged men play while getting bad blowjobs from their secretaries. "Oh yeah, baby. Lick my balls while they say 'war on war' four hundred fucking times."
air -- they didn't need to make another album after that one that I have with those songs they play.
Amy Winehouse --she's a walking zombie disaster. I bet toilets don't like it when she sits on them. and toilets EAT SHIT.

They Might Be Giants - The Else - The DUST BROTHERS produced it. And it's boring as hell.
Travis - The Boy With No Name - eh. I think I outgrew these guys after the first album. And yet I keep trying because they are jusssst okay enough.
Tori Amos - American Doll Posse - embarrassingly bad. This is one of her "concept" albums (it seems like they all are now). it's a pathetic mess exemplified by the vomit-inducing ugliness of the cover. someone should punch her in the ovaries. in fact, someone should load up a shotgun with her ovaries and shoot her in the uterus.
The White Stripes -- Icky Thump -- I'm not a HUGE fan. I really like White Blood Cells. Other than that, I usually like 2-3 songs per album. When I heard the title track, i really thought this album would have some good stuff. I was wrong. It's the same 2-3 songs I always like.
Bjork - volta - what the motherfuck is going on? Vespertine is one of the best albums of the decade (yes, I'm already compiling that list). Since then, two absolute stinkers. Volta isn't as ugly as the previous one, but it's boring.

Not worth calling favorites, but not disappointing either:
Shitdisco - Kingdom of Fear -- The first four tracks are fun, stupid, loud. "I know kung fu" bashes your head in with it's laudacious ludicrocity. are those words? probably not. but is this album genius? no. but who cares. At one point they sing "toilet seats / with hepatitis." it's all about beats and stupid lyrics. when your band name is Shitdisco, what else are you gonna do?
Interpol - Our Love to Admire -- not as easy to get into as their first two albums. I suspect this one may have grown on me more if I didn't have some other albums I was listening to constantly.
Neil Young - Live at Massey hall -- haven't really listened to it yet, despite having downloaded it a few months ago. it's live neil young, how bad could it be?

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Towards the end of every semester, I create a "grading" playlist that usually includes the loudest, meanest, twisted, most guitar-crunchingist music I own. It's not just Metallica and Anthrax. It's not just System of a Down and Pantera. It's not just Sepulutra and Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine and Tool and Faith No More.

It's also Guns N' FUCKING Roses.

I find it absolutely necessary to listen to this kind of music in order to get through the mind-numbing and soul-crushingly bad essays and exams I end up having to grade. But then a song like "Estranged" comes on and I'm pulled back in time -- 15.5 years back -- to when I was a sad teenager listening to sad music. And of all the GnR songs I love, "Estranged" is the one that still blows me away.

I realize this makes me a huge, huge music loser. I realize I have no credibility. But, dammnit, I was young and impressionable. Where would any of us be without the music we still love even though it's not that cool? I realize Mike has left The Police behind. But he still has the Kinks (are they still cool?) and Talking Heads (they are still cool). Rob, I know you have all sorts of guilty pleasures from when you had a Gumby-cut. And Buddy, don't think I don't know about all your musical skeletons. Oh wait -- I don't.

Anyway. I was just sitting here grading and Axl Rose was singing in that whiny voice and all those lyrics that are so much better than Poison and Trixter and Skid Row were getting me though a decently written essay. I couldn't help but feel that strange yearning that very few albums from back in the day stir up. It's not always yearning -- it's often a strange reminder that I once was very depressed and detached and listened to certain songs repeatedly, programming them for moments like this, a decade and a half later, when I'm not depressed and only moderately detached.

But damn if Slash's solos don't still kick serious ass.

So, all melodrama aside, what are the songs that can still kick you in the gut because of the trauma or joy they might be associated with?

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so, i was watching "close encounters" on amc, when a commercial came on for people born between 1923-1968. it was about life insurance and the fear of not having enough money for your funeral and the bills you leave behind. i think i'll have other things to worry about. anyhoo, it brought about the reality that i am in a different demographic now. vicki, kept chuckling during the ad, to which i said you're not far behind. i can't wait for the depends ads.

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i think our site is losing its hipness. one of the ways this can be remedied is if a certain member posts more and gets his "friends" involved. then maybe our site will be bought by some huge company and all at pop5 can retire.

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10 Year Anniversary Party!

It's been 10 years since the dude first graced us with his presence on the silver screen. Break out that old robe and your favorite pair of sandals in honor of the dude.

Come dressed in costume and receive a complimentary caucasian (white russian). Prize for best costume!

White Russian Drink Special Running All Night!

Plus special bowling competition!

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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!