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Mainly because it inspires movies like this:

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It works like GANGBUSTERS!

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so the clemens thing is going on. like the links vicki posted, i agree. this hearing is a waste of taxpayers' money and time. clemens' impact on children is less than govt. subsidized healthcare. i'm willing to bet there are less children baseball fans than children without healthcare. meanwhile, our country's economy is in shambles, i don't even want to talk about iraq, and g.w. just keeps on being himself. i thought the dems were going to keep him in line. the hearings are even a bigger waste with the fact g.w. may pardon clemens, if convicted. this proves, once again, that bush thinks that he is above the law.
one more point, the overall situation is getting harder to laugh at. reading or watching jokes about the current administration is less and less funny. for me it is like being in germany or russia circa 1942 and reading parodies of hitler or stalin. i don't think i could laugh.

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...is pretty damn funny.

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I voted this morning, and I checked for Mike - if you are a registered voter, but unaffiliated with a party, you can go to your voting place and declare an affiliation to vote today. They even have a form you can fill our immediately afterwards to unaffiliate, if you want. But this only works if you are unaffiliated. You have to file ahead of time if you want to switch parties.

The following should not be construed as a partisan message, but look! Young, hot celebrities endorse Obama. Clinton only gets the old, lame celebrities.

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Winner: Patriots WRONG
Score: 34-24 WRONG

Interceptions by Manning: 2 WRONG (it was only 1)
Interceptions by Brady: 1 WRONG (it was a fumble)

Movie Commercials:
no Batman (too soon!) CORRECT
Hellboy 2 WRONG
Indiana Jones 4 WRONG
no Star Trek CORRECT

wardrobe malfunctions:
on the field: perhaps a lost helmet & a lost shoe. No man-nipples though WRONG
commercials: man nipple. most likely a fat man. with lots of hair. I CAN"T REMEMBER-- WAS WILL FERRELL SHIRTLESS IN HIS HILARIOUS BUD LIGHT COMMERCIAL?

VERSION 1:http://www.break.com/index/will-ferrel-bud-light-commercial.html
This one mentions nipples -- does that count?
VERSION 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQN3ccbxQi0
included for the great line: "Bud Light - Suck one!"

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I know Buddy has a crush on Sarah Silverman, but clearly he has a rival for her affections.

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