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So the premier was tonight! yee-ha! Even though laura and I watched the video last night, I managed to stay up to see the episode on the television box.

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This is from a show I use to watch in '80s. It used to be on late night on the weekend on the USA network.

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Dealing with the A-HOLES that take mass transit as well

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1) The probability that this movie would not contain the Black Sabbath song was, for all practical purposes, zero.

2) I hear from others better informed than me that Gwyneth Paltrow's character does not exist in the comic book. There is then no good reason why she should be named "Pepper Potts." Please, people.

The Summer Movie Season is upon us, and for those keeping score at home, here is the list of movies that I have been informed we must see:

May 9: Speed Racer
June 6: Kung Fu Panda
June 13: The Incredible Hulk
June 20: Get Smart
July 11: Hellboy Two: The Golden Army
July 18: The Dark Knight
July 25: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Did I miss any?

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I first noticed the headless woman on book covers phenomena when I worked in a bookstore during the explosion of "chick lit" a few moons ago (perhaps 100ish moons give or take). often it was hard to tell books apart because they all involved some mixture of headless woman, wedding dress, shopping bag, small dog, flowers, and bright pink.

but i wasn't reminded of it until last year when a book called THE TORN SKIRT appeared on my "Amazon suggests" list. When I viewed the page to read the description and first page of the novel, I noticed a number of the suggested books associated with it included headless women or just women's legs.

so i started my search there to find other books with headless women. or women represented by their legs (which happens a lot too).

Also check out this blog, which has been collecting links:

[originally posted 04/08/08; expanded 05/02/08]

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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!