the incredible dud

so rob and i saw the incredible hulk today. let's just say the franchise has been ruined.
please note that the rest of this entry must be read in a nerd's voice (like comic book guy).

i do not know why people think this one had more action. it had less and the story was very uninteresting. insiders had been saying it was going to move faster than the first one. i thought the pace was just as slow (although ang lee's was rewarding in the way it was told). the director did transporter 2 and i'm hearing that the general masses (i.e. non-comic book readers) can relate to this hulk better. what? i guess because it looked more like a movie and less like a comic. ang lee's direction was excellent for the style he chose. the multiple angles and cuts. the blocks depicting different scenes of the story.
the other nitpick was the hulk, himself. i liked the first rendered hulk better. this one had cuts from his fights. the comic book hulk has a quick healing ability. that is why he cannot be harmed, yet in this movie he suffered cuts that could use some iodine.
also, the ending was not tied up well. hulk beats the abomination and then jumps, exit stage left, from what looked like the final set from the first spiderman movie. he leaves the abomination there on the ground. it looks like the abomination has just been flattened, but if he's like the hulk, he'll be up in a minute or two. no problem, we'll just cut to the next day.
then there is the whole heart monitor thing. banner can't have sex? he works out to keep his heart healthy, so as to avoid triggering spikes in his rate. okay, that's fine. keep in mind under extreme exertion in a workout, his heartrate probably won't go over 170. i'm sure sex is fine. i guess liv tyler is supposed to make him race more.
finally, there is the acting. the only one worth somewhat noting is tim roth. edward norton and liv tyler have no chemistry and they sleepwalk through their lines (especially tyler, who can't act anyway).
oops, one other mention, tyler's hairstyle was awful.

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I have to agree with most of this -- silly story, the action was so-so, the CGI was ridiculously bad in that cave/rain scene.

That heartrate shit was DUMB as hell.

I will say that the best acting, by far, was Tim Blake Nelson. He had more energy and personality then anyone else in the movie.

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