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that the x-files movie could have been better. snooze.

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Okay. Why is Pelosi shooting her mouth off? She and Congress talk tough about standing up to the president, but then cave on a repeated basis, since 2006 (when the Democrats achieved the majority). She should try doing something in Congress rather than just talk about it. She and Congress are in a position to do something about the current situation and yet they all sit on their hands and give empty promises or complain. Case in point, FISA.

She is blaming the oil men in the White House for the gas prices, but doesn't mention the congressional meetings with big oil, over the past few years, to discuss gas prices. The congressional meetings went something like this:

Congress: Uh, could you guys do something about your high prices? please?

Big Oil: No, are you crazy? We are just making ends meet as it is.

Congress: Really? We are sorry we bothered you then.

Here is the Daily Show on the subject.

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Hey all, if you are pissed off about FISA and have a second, head on over to the ACLU website and sign their petition. They plan to start contesting it immediately after it gets signed.

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here are 21 and 24!


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The three core zones of the Monarch butterfly biosphere reserve protect eight overwintering colonies of the monarch butterfly in the oyamel fir forests of central Mexico. Perhaps a billion monarch butterflies overwinter here in close-packed clusters every year after a 3,500-4,500km journey. Witnessing this unique phenomenon is considered to be an exceptional experience of nature.

I wonder which ones are 21 and 24?

Link to the slideshow here

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1) Writers are dangerous and untrustworthy.

2) The movie is not as good as the book (although James McAvoy and Keira Knightley are very pretty to look at).

I was interested to see how they would adapt it, because the primary theme in the book is the act of writing and being a writer and what that means. The tragedy that happens comes about because Briony is a writer. She sees things, she notices, and she tries to make sense of it by building a story around it. But the secondary story of the lovers takes over in both the book and the movie, which is again all part of the point. Fiction is more powerful than real life. It seemed almost impossible to me that they would find a satisfactory way to reveal the ending. I can't think of a better solution than the way they chose, other than not adapt the book at all, but I didn't really like it, either.

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This is crucial to our daily existences:

Wasn't Hank already circumcised? I distinctly remember a comment from Hank to Dean about his ugly "dog dork" and Dr. Venture saying, "Hank, don't brag about your circumcision!"

So, did Hank get circumcised AGAIN?


in other news, this episode was pretty awesome:
"The both of 'use got jungle fever! The both of 'use!"
"You used to be all 'Go Team Venture' but now you're all 'Go Team...Boobies!"
"Stop starin' at my ass, Sampson!"
"Alright! I know where this is going!" "...Sex."
"She's not a were-o-dile; she's an epileptic." "Ew!"
"It's for the Venture [?] Newsletter. Pictures increase circulation."

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Do not watch Jumper.

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Please note that Pop5 now boasts a favicon image in your toolbar and favorites page, designed by Mike. I think it's supercute.

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But first, a dream sequence. Last night, I had a crazy dream where I was driving, and the car engine was making strange noises. In the dream, I started to get concerned...until I woke up and realized that the engine noises were really the sound of my air conditioner, switching between not-cool-enough and too-cold states.

So, on to my dilemma. Everyone here knows how pale I am and how I don't tan. We have all heard the burst-into-flames joke; in fact, I think it's here somewhere on this very website. Before I went to England, I was using self-tanner to approximate the color normal skin gets when it is exposed to sun. Mike (who becomes beautifully tan two minutes after stepping outdoors) made fun of me endlessly for the self-tanner, mostly by calling me "Sunkist."

When I was in England, I stopped using the self-tanner in favor of normal lotion, because even though the weather was nice, absolutely no one there was tan. The English are truly my people.

So now I am back and pale. Mike opposes my resuming the self-tanner, but I do kind of feel like a freak being pale in the summer. What say you, Pop5 - should I self-tan or not?

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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!