Pelosi and Congress

Okay. Why is Pelosi shooting her mouth off? She and Congress talk tough about standing up to the president, but then cave on a repeated basis, since 2006 (when the Democrats achieved the majority). She should try doing something in Congress rather than just talk about it. She and Congress are in a position to do something about the current situation and yet they all sit on their hands and give empty promises or complain. Case in point, FISA.

She is blaming the oil men in the White House for the gas prices, but doesn't mention the congressional meetings with big oil, over the past few years, to discuss gas prices. The congressional meetings went something like this:

Congress: Uh, could you guys do something about your high prices? please?

Big Oil: No, are you crazy? We are just making ends meet as it is.

Congress: Really? We are sorry we bothered you then.

Here is the Daily Show on the subject.

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Aint it a bitch, brother?

The truth must be this: Politicians, no matter what their strip, really don't care about any of us!

And at this point, I really don't think their is much of anything the common man (or woman) can do about any of this.

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