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It has been noted that since the Pop5 auteurs have joined the evil menace known as Facebook, the postings here on Pop5 have been few and far between. I say that although we may temporarily be distracted by the siren Facebook, we will always return to our true love.

Lessons Learned...

...from The Dark Knight:
It is too bad that Heath Ledger died.

I liked this movie well enough, but I don't think it was as good as the first one. This one seemed crammed full of action, and everything rushed from one thing to the next with no sense of pacing. Heath Ledger did do an incredible job, but his scenes were oddly edited, making me suspect that either they were using every scrap of footage of him or that they would have done things differently if he had been available for reshoots.

...from The X-Files: I Want to Believe:
There shouldn't be any more X-Files movies. Let the characters drift of in the sun, people.

The only charm of this movie was seeing what happens to Mulder and Scully further on in their lives. The "case" that brings them back to the FBI was not very interesting and the FBI's handling of it was not very believable. Both the case plotline and Scully's doctor-ethics plotline seemed manufactured and contrived. I didn't hate this movie, but I think it was solely due to nostagia for the series.

...from The Wackness"
There was once this crazy, magical time called 1994! And it was totally wack, yo! They had things like Kurt Cobain, Biggie Smalls, blunts, and Beverly Hills 90210!

Seriously, I could have done without the trip down '90s memory lane. This movie reminded me of that Simpsons episode they did recently (that wasn't very good either), where they reset Marge and Homer's courtship in the '90s.

The actual story of the movie was unconnected to the '90s, except for a brief, labored metaphor comparing the characters' repression of their emotions to Rudy Giuliani's repression of the seedy elements of Times Square, which made me wish they had just set in the present. I kept waiting for something to happen, before I realized that this wasn't the kind of movie where things happen. It's the kind of movie where the characters talk about their feelings for two hours. I usually like those kind of movies, except these characters had a limited array of feelings -- an ill-defined sadness and a strong desire to get laid. It struck me as perhaps an art-house Judd Apatow movie. Set in the crazy '90s, yo! Where everything was dope!

Finally, I think everyone will enjoy this video of Rush playing "Tom Sawyer" on Rock Band backstage at the Colbert show. Apparently, they scored 31% on expert mode.

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