Pop5 Is Dead, Long Live Pop5

We've decided to bring Pop5 back from the dead! I am still in the process of redesigning, so please excuse the cobwebs that still linger.

The main reason we wanted to resurrect Pop5 is that Buddy, Mike, Rob, and I wanted to start a podcast. We recorded the first episode on Saturday, March 2, and it was so long that I ended up splitting it into two parts. Warning: it contains explicit language - or does that go without saying?

The first part is available to download below:

Download Population Five Podcast: 01 Shaking Hands with Jehovah's Witnesses

We'll have the second part available soon. I hope we can get some of the old Pop5 crew in as guests stars. And if anyone has suggestions for topics to cover, we'd love to hear them.

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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!