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I don't know if this article is real or fake (you can check, Evan, if you want to) but i found this and thought it was funny.

Gay Airlines

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I just hear the news of the next Harry Potter book's release date. (it 7/7/07 by the way) Funny thing a year ago I wouldn't have given a shit about this and more likely bitch about all the idiots making a big deal over this stupid book ,but after Vickie and Mike recommended the Harry Potter book. saying the books series were a pretty good read, I finally broke down and read the HP Series. Now I find myself hooked. I was actually felt like a kid again at hearing the new of the next Potter book. Well mind you I well not be camping out at border with the other Potterfile(or what ever there called) in costume I'll just order off the amazon.com like a normal person, while wear a costume.

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