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thinks it is so cool. nobody posts here anymore. it is getting lonely. it might now be population zero!

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that the x-files movie could have been better. snooze.

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Okay. Why is Pelosi shooting her mouth off? She and Congress talk tough about standing up to the president, but then cave on a repeated basis, since 2006 (when the Democrats achieved the majority). She should try doing something in Congress rather than just talk about it. She and Congress are in a position to do something about the current situation and yet they all sit on their hands and give empty promises or complain. Case in point, FISA.

She is blaming the oil men in the White House for the gas prices, but doesn't mention the congressional meetings with big oil, over the past few years, to discuss gas prices. The congressional meetings went something like this:

Congress: Uh, could you guys do something about your high prices? please?

Big Oil: No, are you crazy? We are just making ends meet as it is.

Congress: Really? We are sorry we bothered you then.

Here is the Daily Show on the subject.

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here are 21 and 24!


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here is an interesting link. it has nothing to do with george carlin, though.


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so rob and i saw the incredible hulk today. let's just say the franchise has been ruined.
please note that the rest of this entry must be read in a nerd's voice (like comic book guy).

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so the clemens thing is going on. like the links vicki posted, i agree. this hearing is a waste of taxpayers' money and time. clemens' impact on children is less than govt. subsidized healthcare. i'm willing to bet there are less children baseball fans than children without healthcare. meanwhile, our country's economy is in shambles, i don't even want to talk about iraq, and g.w. just keeps on being himself. i thought the dems were going to keep him in line. the hearings are even a bigger waste with the fact g.w. may pardon clemens, if convicted. this proves, once again, that bush thinks that he is above the law.
one more point, the overall situation is getting harder to laugh at. reading or watching jokes about the current administration is less and less funny. for me it is like being in germany or russia circa 1942 and reading parodies of hitler or stalin. i don't think i could laugh.

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so, i was watching "close encounters" on amc, when a commercial came on for people born between 1923-1968. it was about life insurance and the fear of not having enough money for your funeral and the bills you leave behind. i think i'll have other things to worry about. anyhoo, it brought about the reality that i am in a different demographic now. vicki, kept chuckling during the ad, to which i said you're not far behind. i can't wait for the depends ads.

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i think our site is losing its hipness. one of the ways this can be remedied is if a certain member posts more and gets his "friends" involved. then maybe our site will be bought by some huge company and all at pop5 can retire.

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so, i was told about this link from a professor (brain ralph) at school. it is the 40 worst drawings by rob liefeld.


i've been reading comics for some time and was surprised i never heard of liefeld. he has only made millions and helped form image comics. i went to the sight and had a good laugh, though. he is pretty bad. the commentary reminded me of something evan would post. it is very amusing. i just thought the rest of pop5's comic geeks would like to see it. have fun.

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