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Here is an entry about the term, "the push." It all started at the Sage. I had ordered coconut custard pie and had asked Vicki to taste it. She obliged and took a forkful. As she ate it, she made a sour face and proceeded to "push" the plate back at me, showing her distaste for it. Ever since then, when we dislike something we give it "the push."
Author's note: this is not the face she made. I will attempt to get one of the face.


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here is a photo of a deflated soda cup mascot.
i feel bad the dude had to be out on such a cold day in february. the things people will do for money.

deflated soda can guy low res.jpg

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take a look at this submission that won. i got a higher score and not to brag, but i think my design was better, too.
go figure.


also, here is another submission that won from that freaky ice cream man guy.


needless to say, i am cheesed off and motivated to kick some design butt.

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Hey Pop5 crew. I was just wondering if you all wanted to change our domain name or not. I admit I have grown fond of the name, but I am afraid of alienating our other friends. I want them to know they are included and can post, should the mood strike them. Let me know what you guys and gal think.

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hey everybody. just thought i would post the tax tables for the citizens of the US.

Schedule X — Single

$0-$7,300 10% of the amount over $0
$7,300-$29,700 $730 plus 15% of the amount over 7,300
$29,700- $71,950 $4,090.00 plus 25% of the amount over 29,700
$71,950-$150,150 $14,652.50 plus 28% of the amount over 71,950
$150,150-$326,450 $36,548.50 plus 33% of the amount over 150,150
$326,450-no limit $94,727.50 plus 35% of the amount over 326,450

Schedule Y-1 — Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er)

$0-$14,600 10% of the amount over $0
$14,600-$59,400 $1,460.00 plus 15% of the amount over 14,600
$59,400-$119,950 $8,180 plus 25% of the amount over 59,400
$119,950-$182,800 $23,317.50 plus 28% of the amount over 119,950
$182,800-$326,450 $40,915.50 plus 33% of the amount over 182,800
$326,450-no limit $88,320.00 plus 35% of the amount over 326,450

Schedule Y-2 — Married Filing Separately

$0-$7,300 10% of the amount over $0
$7,300-$29,700 $730 plus 15% of the amount over 7,300
$29,700-$59,975 $4,090 plus 25% of the amount over 29,700
$59,975-$91,400 $11,658.75 plus 28% of the amount over 59,975
$91,400-$163,225 $20,457.75 plus 33% of the amount over 91,400
$163,225-no limit $44,160.00 plus 35% of the amount over 163,225

Schedule Z — Head of Household

$0-$10,450 10% of the amount over $0
$10,450-$39,800 $1,045 plus 15% of the amount over 10,450
$39,800-$102,800 $5,447.50 plus 25% of the amount over 39,800
$102,800-$166,450 $21,197.50 plus 28% of the amount over 102,800
$166,450-$326,450 $39,019.50 plus 33% of the amount over 166,450
$326,450-no limit $91,819.50 plus 35% of the amount over 326,450

notice that, with the exception of married and filing separately, after $326,000 the tax rate is the same for the wealthy as that of the upper middle class. i would be extremely angry if i made $327,000 a year and knew that ceos and politicians, who make millions a year, use the same tax rate as me. keep in mind they probably do not even pay 35% because they can do creative work with the books to pay less.

now you'll always hear somebody say that taxes are higher in places like europe. yes, this is true, for the wealthy. as your income goes up, so does the tax rate (as high as 50+%) for those with an income in the millions. the reason for this is it redistributes the wealth back into the system to benefit the society. the tax rate is pretty much the same for someone in europe making 35K a year as it is here. the difference is the european gets healthcare. (note that the healthcare here is only topnotch for those who can afford it, so do not start saying government subsidized medicine is bad. what do you call medicare and healthcare for life that retired politicians receive?)

i do not understand how people can defend our current system of taxation. do people think that they might someday make millions and thus worry about having to pay taxes on it (answer: yes)? the chances of that happening are slim for the average american. it brings to mind the founding of our country and how they whined about taxes back then. i do not mind paying taxes when i know it is going to benefit everyone as a whole. i do mind when people do not pull their own weight. a person with a $6 million a year income should pay 50% in taxes. it benefits society and shows that he is contributing. it is ridiculous that he should get tax breaks to protect his personal belongings (luxury cars, three houses, etc.).

a person who pays 25% on their 40k income is making more of a sacrifice than someone who pays 35% on $6 million. it comes down to an apartment or house for the 40k individual and two houses versus three for the $6 million individual.

i just wanted to post regarding our nation's current proposed budget. our deficit problems could be reduced if we started taxing the wealthy more. it will not happen, though, because they make the rules.

i know people might read this and get angry with me. to this i say, how can you defend our current system and say it makes sense? why defend the wealthy, unless you are one of them?

i do not like to be told i have to make sacrifices for my country when the ones telling me to do so are not setting an example. i pay my taxes because it helps society. i would take an increase in my taxes if it went towards a government-funded healthcare. however, why should i want to pay my taxes when the elite minority do not want to pay theirs? to pay 50% in tax for an annual income of $6 million is a lot, but you still have $3 million left! isn't that enough? the answer is no. now that is just greedy.

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Here is my zombie food pyramid t-shirt design.
Please vote for it.
Vicki, notice I used capitalization.

My Threadless.com Submission

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i went to visit my parents in ohio three weeks ago. while there, they took me to the expressway diner. while it has been open a little over a year, it is definitely old school in heart and style. the food, service, and decor were all excellent. the prices were, too. skip and barb (friends of the family), frequent the diner and highly recommend it. i had the banana walnut pancakes and can honestly say i enjoyed them a great deal. they were very tasty and not heavy like regular pancakes. i was able to eat them all and not feel stuffed. my parents and zac (my brother) enjoyed their entrees as well.

i want to thank skip and barb for the photo of the diner and taking me there. i am definitely going back again, when i visit my parents. hopefully, the weather will be nicer so i can take more photos for the site.
the expressway diner gets five coffee cups.


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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!