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Bacon, foreplay, sexual fantasies, breastfeeding, This Week in Bieber News, Goodreads, Ebay, friendships between men and women, and voodoo curses. That about does it for this week.

Download Population Five Podcast #9: The Green M&M Contract

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We delve further into the world of hypotheticals, and end up taking on sex dreams (the animated, the unfinished, the greyed-out, and the totally hot), being attracted to cartoons, superpowers we covet, and we end up finding the perfect career for Evan's son.

Download Population Five Podcast #8: The Sexy Action-Packed Lifestyle of the Professional Evil Genius

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Pop5 welcomes its first guest, and we discuss publicly shaming children, the worst punishments we ever received, childhood shoplifting, the pleasures of new socks, wallowing in your own personal filth, the Steubenville rape case, and Jerry Sandusky.

Download Population Five Podcast #7: Crime and Punishment, or Off With His Balls

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Switching sports, switching countries, switching sex, switching faces, and Buddy is way too interested in nicknames for fetishes.

Download Population Five Podcast #6: Don't Ask About the Cleveland Steamer

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We start off with current events, and end up at haunted houses, the Singularity, Star Trek, clones, and time travel.

Download Population Five Podcast 05: Using the Holodeck for Personal Growth

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Time for our fourth episode! This is the second half of our podcast recorded last Saturday, March 9. With any luck going forward, we will release them pretty soon after we record them on Saturday night. I might still split them into two parts if they wind up too long.

Download Population Five Podcast 04: Attack of the Oompa Loompas

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We recorded a new episode of the podcast on Saturday, and I'm posting it below for your listening enjoyment. We split this one into two parts as well, since we ran long again.

Download Population Five Podcast 03: I For One Welcome Our New Lizard Overlords

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I was away in Massachusetts last week, so I didn't get a chance to finish up editing the second part of our premiere podcast from last week. So without further ado, here it is, available for downloading. It should be posted on iTunes by tomorrow, and sometime soon I will get the Podcast page here up and running.

Download Population Five Podcast: 02 Hiding the Genital Wart

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We've decided to bring Pop5 back from the dead! I am still in the process of redesigning, so please excuse the cobwebs that still linger.

The main reason we wanted to resurrect Pop5 is that Buddy, Mike, Rob, and I wanted to start a podcast. We recorded the first episode on Saturday, March 2, and it was so long that I ended up splitting it into two parts. Warning: it contains explicit language - or does that go without saying?

The first part is available to download below:

Download Population Five Podcast: 01 Shaking Hands with Jehovah's Witnesses

We'll have the second part available soon. I hope we can get some of the old Pop5 crew in as guests stars. And if anyone has suggestions for topics to cover, we'd love to hear them.

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