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I am having a problem, in that I think I am losing intelligence by the second. I am a pretty intelligent person by all the standard quantitative methods of analyzing such things, but the following two incidents have recently caused me concern.

Yesterday, I finally "got" the Altoids poster of the goat standing on the Altoids box that has been around for forever. See, the Altoids are curiously strong enough to hold a goat. Why this never occurred to me earlier, I don't know. Clearly I am getting stupid.

The even more disturbing example comes from a Snapple cap. It said that Q was the only letter that was not used in the name of a US state. So I started running through the least-frequently used letters in my head (guided by the points awarded for them in Scrabble). There was TeXas and AriZona, and the DaKotas, and then I got to J. What state has J in it, I wondered. I went so far as to look at a list of the state names. People, I live in New Jersey.


Tomorrow, I leave for the Land of the Mouse. I was earlier thinking that it was a good thing that we had five adults to the three children, since that would help with the child-rassling necessary at a huge and exciting place like the big WDW. But after talking to my mom, I think we may have to put her in the "rassled" category as well. This is her first visit to Disney too, and she has all the rides she wants to go on circled in her guidebook.

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The Medport Diner is located in Medford, NJ. I'm not quite sure why the "port" had to replace the "ford," messing with the diner name conventions.

Medport Exterior

As you can see, the Medport looks like it has been around for a while, although I am not quite up on all of its history. I have only been there once. Even though Mike used to live in Medford, the Medport was never one of his favorites. I remember I had a grilled cheese sandwich (my standby), and I forget what Mike had. We didn't get any desserts. I remember it as being ok, and so I really don't know what Mike has against it.

Medport Closer

I think Rob is a better judge of the Medport, since I think he has probably been there more than Mike or I, so post in the comments, Rob, since we aren't doing it justice.

Medport Sign

Since I feel like I may not have enough information to judge the Medport on, I am going to give it 2-cups.png. Maybe I can get Mike to go back and do a re-evaluation soon...

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Buddy has been asking about the Raveonettes, based on their remake of "My Boyfriend's Back," so I thought I would post these other tracks I have by them:

The Raveonettes :: Love in a Trashcan

The Raveonettes :: Seductress of Bums

The Raveonettes :: Uncertain Times

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We started the Diner Project with the diners we visited most often. Now we are down to the bottom of the barrel - these next few we have only visited once or twice, and it has often been a while since we have last been to them. Next, we will have to start on the diners that we have only visited for the explicit purpose of putting them on this site.

The Cherry Hill Coach Diner is located (tah-dah!) in Cherry Hill, at that circle on Route 38 - does that circle have a name?

Coach Facade

I have only been to the Cherry Hill Coach Diner once before, and it was years ago. To give things a proper perspective, it was four-Rama-girlfriends ago. It was before they gave it such a diner-y facelift. It was kind of a dump when we went.

Coach Side View

We went late at night, and I forget what I ordered. It came with french fries, so it was probably grilled cheese, a standard favorite of mine. I remember I was disappointed, particularly in the french fries. Everyone else seemed to be okay with it.

Coach Sign

Apparently Rama and Mike (at least) have been there since then, and Mike says it was okay. So, I will give the Coach a compromise 2-cups.png to make up for the fact that I may not have had all the facts. Pop5'ers, feel free to comment - and maybe I will be able to update on the Coach in the future.

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I don't think I have shared this with all of pop5 yet, but at the end of the month I will be visiting what has been described to me over the phone as the "Happiest Place on Earth." That's right: Disney World.


I am a little apprehensive about this visit because (a) places that advertise themselves as the Happiest Place on Earth kind of scare me, and (b) I am going with my nephews and niece (and brother and sister-in-law, and my mother, and my sister-in-law's mother), and that is a lot of people, especially young, excited people, in a very small space. On the other hand, it will be a great occasion to take pictures, since it is the first time visiting for all of us. And I guess Disney World is the sort of place that everyone should visit at least once. So wish me luck in the Land of the Mouse.

Also, this morning, I saw a faux-Jesus fish for the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the car in front of me! It took me a minute to even realize what it was.

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There was universal disappointment in the Philadelphia Auto Show. The verdict was: not enough new interesting cars, not enough concept cars, not enough interesting revisions of old cars, and too many gas-guzzling SUVs. The car enthusiasts among us are small car enthusiasts, which meant we spent a lot of time looking at the Scions and the new Honda Fit, and we bypassed the Hummer area completely. Although, we did get a good laugh at a GM hybrid truck that got 18 miles to the gallon. GM probably got a lot of tax credits for that one.

But this entry is not really about the Philadelphia Auto Show. It is about my new camera.

old cars w.jpg

I got my Canon 20D on Friday, and I am in love with it. I also got two lenses, the 28mm-135mm 3.5-5.6 IS USM and the 100mm-300mm 4.5-5.6 USM. I took pictures for the first time at the Auto Show, which turned out not to be the best place to take pictures. Although the place seemed well-lit, the lighting was spotty, and I ended up having to do a lot of color correction. There are more pictures after the jump.

Also, Mike's parents are in San Diego and they saw the baby panda! I am so jealous.

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Yesterday, Mike, Buddy, Newlywed Steve and his new wife Morgan and I went to the Philadelphia Auto Show. We will post pictures soon, especially since I got my new camera! It's a Canon EOS 20d, and it rocks!

Anyway, afterwards we were going to meet Rob and Evan and Laura (these last two soon to be newlyweds as well) at a place called Monk's Brewery at Spruce and 16th Streets. We got there, and the place was very small and very crowded. They told us that they couldn't accommodate a party of our size, and they would have to seat us in two separate tables, at different times. And it would be an hour wait. They suggested we try their "sister restaurant," Nodding Head on Sansom, up a few blocks. So we called everyone and rearranged, and then walked up to that place.

[Here is where the hate part comes in.]

So the hostess asked us how many, etc., and then asked us for ID. Now, I (stupidly) had forgotten my ID, since I wasn't driving, and I didn't have my purse - I just put my money in my camera backpack. So the waitress said that since I didn't have my ID, no one at the table could drink. Then she went back and talked to the manager, and told us that they couldn't even seat us. All because I didn't have my ID. People, I am 31 years old (almost 32), and there is no way I look under 21. We had to rearrange everyone AGAIN, and luckily Evan and Laura hadn't parked yet, so we all went back to Jersey and ate at a very nice and non-crowded restaurant in Collingswood, where we had really good fried ravioli.

Pennsylvania has some draconian liquor laws, but even so, no one had heard of anything that bad before. So the moral of the story is: we hate the Nodding Head Restaurant, Collingswood is great, and Philly sucks (sorry, Rob).

Don't Eat Here!


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