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Some of you may have noticed that the people behind Cranium have recently put out a game, and they are counting on riding the long coattails of our website's success by calling that game Pop 5. This is supposed to be a game about pop culture, which means that unless it has a direct RSS feed from Defamer, it was probably outdated before it even hit the shelves. Even though our Pop 5 has grown beyond the original 5, and is now more like "Pop 8," maybe we should still protect our little corner of the internet with a well-timed, American-as-apple-pie copyright infringement lawsuit.

Also, while I am never able to come up with cool costume ideas for myself, I think Evan and Laura should be the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend for Halloween. Do you think Laura can do the voice??


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I also loved The Prestige, and I was counting down until the release date. We also saw this year's other magician movie, The Illusionist, and I for one liked Prestige much better. I have a thing for Ed Norton, and I like Paul Giamatti (without having a thing for him), but I hate that stupid Jessica Biel person, and the story was very thin. I think it was adapted from a short story, and you could definitely tell.

Fortunately, I also have things for Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale (but only when scruffy, like the beginning of Batman Begins. For some reason I don't like him clean-shaven), so my interest in The Prestige was heightened to begin with. I also like Christopher Nolan. I read that David Bowie was in the movie, but I didn't recognize him as Tesla, or remember that when I saw it. Mike and Buddy had to tell me it was him afterwards, so he must have done a hell of a job. Like Evan, I liked pretty much everything about this movie. I did figure out Hugh Jackman's half of the ending in advance, but I was surprised by Christian Bale's. After you find it out, though, so much of the rest of the movie makes sense.

Also, NJ opens the door to gay marriage. Looks like Rob won't have to travel to Canada after all.

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The Food Network is looking for its next STAR!

From their website -

"This is what we are looking for:

• Cooking know-how: You can be self-taught or professionally trained or somewhere in between, but you should know the basics.

• Personality that pops: Let yourself shine and show us who you really are. Don't be shy. We are all about personality-show us yours!

• Teaching skills: Bring the world of food and cooking to life in your very own passionate and unique way.

The search for The Next Food Network Star will be documented on a series of specials slated to air this June. From a pool of eight finalists, one winner will receive their own six-episode show."

Click here to apply

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Special guest Evan joins us for Podcasts 7 and 8!