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Mike, Evan, Buddy, and I went to see the "Final" Cut of Blade Runner this evening. Blade Runner is usually near the top of every critic's Best Sci-Fi Movies Ever list, and we realized that it is indeed a unique movie in that even though we had all seen previous versions of it, no one could really remember what happened in any of them. Even Mike, who can usually quote verbatim movies that he last saw twenty years ago, couldn't remember the plot. We had all heard, though, that this new cut was being offered because Ridley Scott intended to make clearer hints that Deckard himself was a Replicant. But we watched the new "Final Cut" movie tonight, and at the end, we couldn't figure out what was different about it. However badly we remembered it, we didn't spot anything different from what we remembered.

Thanks to the internet, we find that Ridley Scott added a sequence where Deckard dreams of a unicorn, and this was supposed to suggest that the dream was implanted and therefore that he was a Replicant.

Note to Ridley Scott: having a character dream of unicorns does not suggest to the audience that he is a really a remarkably humanistic robot. It usually suggests that he is really an eight-year-old girl.

Please remember this five years from now, when you release the "New Final Cut." Maybe you can add some more red tints or something to Harrison Ford's eyes. Or more shots of buildings in the rain, or of the smiling geisha, or of Rutger Hauer chewing scenery. Because there's definitely not enough of that already.

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While looking for updates on the new season of the Venture Brothers - Season Three won't be aired until June 2008, boo hoo - I found this little track available for download.

The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend :: Fairytale of New York

I think Dr. Girlfriend is singing the boy's part and vice versa.

Season Three

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I haven't really been following the primaries until recently, so I did an internet search and found this handy-dandy chart summary of the candidates' views on issues of import.

Click here

A few comments:

  • It seems the candidate who best represents my views is Kuchinich, who is widely regarded as too liberal to ever get the nomination.
  • The main differences between the top three Democratic candidates - Clinton, Obama, and Edwards - are slight. Obama's the only one against the death penalty, and against No Child Left Behind. He also is the only one with "mixed opinion" rather than "supports" the option of military force with Iran. On the other hand, Edwards is the only one who doesn't support the idea of a border fence. So at this point, frankly, what I am most looking for in a Democratic candidate is the ability to win a national election. And I think either Edwards or Obama have a better shot at that than Clinton. Although it would be nice to have a woman president, personally, I prefer either one to Clinton. But this is all to say that any Democrat would be better than any one of the Republican nutjobs.
  • I am amused by the straight column of red X's under Ron Paul's name. Apparently, the dude doesn't support anything: abortion rights, the death penalty, No Child Left Behind, stem cell research, not even net neutrality, etc. etc. His platform consists entirely of negatives. The only things that he can be said to support are drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge, a border fence, immediate withdrawal from the Iraq war, and that the gay marriage issue should be left up to the states. Although I can't really get behind him, it's always fun to have a Republican wildcard. Really, the Republican primary will be the most fun to watch. At this point, I can't figure out who will get the nomination, and whoever it is, at least half the party is going to be pissed off about it.
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Apparently I do. This is easy to forget between work and school. Fortunately, school is over for the semester, and I am about to take a few weeks off from work. Will I post more? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I will post this little video, which does a neat job of explaining why I never watch television news.

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