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Just a quick note to let you all know that I have updated the sidebar, adding some new things and rearranging the order. I wanted to point out that I have put in a feed from my page, which will update automatically. If you don't know about, it's a site that allows you to bookmark pages and articles that you find interesting.

If anyone else is interested in using and posting their feed to Pop5, sign up for an account here, and let me know.

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This might only interest history geeks such as myself, but HBO will be airing (March 16 - April 27) a seven-part miniseries on John Adams, based on the David McCullough biography. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney will star as John and Abigail Adams, and I am pretty sure that casting decision could not be topped.


Clearly someone needs to Tivo this for me. Don't make me wait for the DVDs, people.

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[Since I have not yet restored Buddy's login, I will take the opportunity to steal some news he sent us and post it as if it were my own.]

So apparently Bobby Flay, best known as Rob's arch-nemesis, was in Collingswood on Monday night to "throwdown" with the Pop Shop on an issue near and dear to my own heart: grilled cheese.

The Pop Shop offered up the Calvert: "a grilled cheese special featuring Monterey jack cheese, roasted turkey, apple-wood smoked bacon, avocado and balsamic mayonnaise on rosemary focaccia bread." I don't know if anyone from Pop5 has tried this one, since our ranks of meat-eaters have been depleting rapidly.

Bobby Flay's "featured goat cheese, brie, bacon, watercress and green tomatoes piled onto a Pullman loaf." No word on whether he served it with a side of blue corn chips, and covered it with cilantro.

The article doesn't reveal the winner, but all of the quotes favor the Pop Shop. On a personal note, GRILLED CHEESE SHOULD NEVER BE MADE WITH GOAT CHEESE. It had to be said. I love almost all types of cheese. Almost.

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